Webster University

Counseling in Geneva or from your home

If you are going through a difficult time, we are here to help.


The Webster University Counseling Center provides counseling to the greater Geneva community at a modest cost while serving as a training site for graduate students.


We provide professional and compassionate counseling services, including support for

  • Challenges associated with living and working in a foreign country
  • Low mood, worries
  • Grief, loss, bereavement
  • Trauma and stress
  • Life transitions
  • Issues relates to identity, gender, and sexuality
  • Marriage, dating, relationship problems
  • Parenting

“Being able to talk to someone in my own language who can get the nuances of language, of cultural differences, of the challenges faced as a foreigner far from the place where I grew up, made a huge difference in how I could form a connection and feel like I was being heard.”

Client currently living in Spain

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